Remembering a Life I used to live

Friends I used to have around me everyday.
People around me wherever I went, and that first phone call from Sweden

3 minutes.
Just some days after I left Sweden to start working in Norway.

Now it's the other way around.
Someone from Norway misses me, cause I'm back in sweden, and sms:es are coming from Bergen and Bosnia instead.

The life I used to live.
The people in my heart.

I was in Norway this weekend. I don't care I didn't get any sleep.
You were there.
The people in my heart.

There are no words strong enough. I miss you.
Even if I wrote that A thousand of times it wouldn't be enough. Wish you were here.

And I wish you still had those 3 minutes for me. Even if understand you can't.
Thank you for having them back then.

Thank you for giving me the best birthday I've ever had.

Thank you for giving me the best year ever and for showing me how much a person can love.

Azalea: Stupid wonderful, undescribable, treassure and best friend, wish I could meet you more often.
Thank you God for bringing her to my life, and for letting me hear her voice again. I've missed it so much.

I've missed all of you so much.