One of the dearest persons in the world

is named Azalea.

Today she has been making this world a better place for 25 years.
If I could have one wish fulfilled today it would be to be near her and make sure that this day is the best day she has ever had.

If I had words nice enough to explain how wonderful this girl is I would use them right now. But no words yet invented are strong and weak in the same way she is. Or warm and listening the way only she can be. Or as close to my heart as this woman is. You can look up beautiful, dear, cute, warm and nice with all their synonymes in a dictionary and it still wouldn't be enough. She is more than that.
More than words.

I love words and to use them to do good. But she is more than that. More than any word or sentence I could ever write. If I ever manage to put one sentence together that describes her fully, then it's gonna be in a language that noone can read, due to the celestial spellings and letters unknown to this world.

The only one who might end up understanding who she is to me is her.
While reading the letters in the book that is me.
25 years.

One of them was ours. The rest of them will be.
As with many people. You entered my life and my heart.
A room is build. Some grows. Her room is big.
Filled with memory-furniture and rememberance-paintings. The walls are made of love, and there is no lock on the door. She is free to walk out as well as anyone of you. And come back.
Once you have a room in my heart, you will always have it. It's up to you how I decorate it.
Her room is one of the more beautiful I have.
I never demolish rooms. I just lock some of them and give the key to the person having the room, and it's up to them if they wanna open the room again or not.

Some doors were never even closed.
Her room is new, and outgrew others exceptionally fast.
Now this is the book of me talking again.
About love.
About missing.
About friendship.
About everlasting relationships.
About her and what we've been through.

But mostly I try to focus on saying Happy birthday moja dusa.
With love from me. Lots of love.

Now I'm of to work.